After purchasing the indicator, you will receive all the necessary training on where and how to execute the signals, how to deposit money, how to withdraw profits, how to install the indicator and how to use it properly to get great results.

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Who are we?

We are part of the Crypto Lietuva team, which has used all of its knowledge to create this product.

It's not artificial intelligence, as many people think. We are much more than that, we are a community.

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How can we help you earn more?

Our indicator has a hit rate of 73.33% out of 300 selections - the results speak for themselves!

Our members share with each other when they make a selection, so you can increase your bankroll together as a real team.

How does it work?

Our indicator tells you when to take a "short" or "long" position. Don't be intimidated if these terms are new to you, all training and support is included in the membership price.

We have around 400+ members who have never had anything to do with cryptocurrencies and that hasn't stopped them from embarking on this journey. The lessons are presented in both written and video format.

Why choose us?

When you choose us, you get more than just an indicator: we share relevant world and crypto news, we have a community of 500+ active members with whom you can interact, share your insights and ideas, and find like-minded people. Many people choose us because of this amazing community!

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Get the latest trading signals

#1 - General

Our community is full of both complete beginners and people who have been interested in crypto for a long time, so you'll never be alone and you'll find all the answers here!

#2 - Signals

The indicator has an amazing hit rate of 73.33% from 300 selections, the most important thing is to use our strategy and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our team.

#3 - Video lessons

Our training is not only written down, but also presented in video format to make it much clearer and more visual.

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Choose an all-inclusive membership plan

  • Community Access
  • 24/7 customer service, support
  • Real-time alerts, alarms
  • User strategies and settings
30 days
69.99 € Full price
Cancel at any time with one click
1 year
41.50 €/month 498,99 € per year
Cancel at any time with one click

Safe and secure billing

Cancel your subscription at any time with one click. The link to get direct access will be provided to you immediately after registration. Trade at your own risk.


  • Does the indicator only work with crypto?

    Our indicator works with both crypto and forex or stocks. Many members use it on gold/silver and are amazed at the great results they get.

  • Where can I get further information before buying?

    The easiest way to get answers to all your questions and contact us is INSTAGRAM

  • How long does it take to learn the material?

    The duration of the material is 10-15 minutes. Viskar is very simple and clear. Out of 200+ members, there was not a single one who did not understand something.

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